Child Whispering® A Signpost for Life®

Thursday 11th May 2017 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Ganneys Meadow Nursery School & Family centre
Sandy Kennedy  

Child Whispering® A Signpost for Life® uses colour, shape, exciting graphics and characters to communicate key life messages for an inclusive, healthy, happy and successful journey through childhood into adulthood.
  • Emotional well-being, equality, respect and safety are at the heart of Child Whispering®.  It is designed to make children more resilient and confident in managing their learning journey through school and life.
  • It improves behaviour and teamwork, raises self- esteem, assists children to communicate positively with others, prepares them to deal with life challenges and enables them to speak out, ask for and to access help when required. It also inspires children to manage their own feelings.
  • Child Whispering® A Signpost for Life® has 16 strands all of which reinforce and support the Government’s British Values criteria in a simple visual format.
In an age appropriate way, children learn right from wrong, mix and share with other children, value others’ views, identify similarities and differences between themselves and others and challenge negative attitudes and stereotypes.
The Child Whispering® Colourometer®:-
  • A hand-held learning tool, emotional barometer and moral compass is an integral part of the Child Whispering® A Signpost for Life® concept. Learning effective coping strategies when emotions are heightened can help children to develop resilience against anxiety, improve self-esteem, diminish self-doubt and improve a child’s ability to concentrate.
The fun, interactive workshops help Teaching Staff, Practitioners, Parents and Children to understand the core Child Whispering® concept including the powerful use of the tactile Child Whispering® Colourometer®.
“By using their Colourometers children have been able to recognise when their own body language and verbal reactions are on RED and as a result can then disarm themselves. Understanding the effect of both positive and negative communication has helped us all to improve behaviour in the classroom” (Year 1 Class Teacher)
The Child Whispering® Heartkids® characters                                                           
  • The inclusive and ethnically diverse Heartkids® characters have different personalities which children can associate with how they are feeling or how they are acting. The Heartkids® appear in a range of fun and stimulating Child Whispering® materials which help to present crucial life choices.
 “All the characters are really inspirational and are very important to me because they all have their different personalities and their own special little things about them and I really like that. For instance Kitty Kind is one of my favourite ones because she’s kind and we should all try to be kind” (7 year old)
Supported by the Child Whispering® A Signpost for Life®  concept a child’s educational journey is a voyage of self-discovery, of personal growth, of establishing identity and of understanding their place in the world.

The cost of this course include refreshments and lunch.
Feedback from attendees:
“A wonderful training day, I can’t wait to share this with my class. I know that these strategies will help them to grow into happy confident and thoughtful individuals.”
“Fantastic training! Lots of great tips to put  into practice this coming term. Thank you”
“A very inspiring day beautifully delivered and lots of fun! Looking forward to using in the classroom.”
“A very proactive enjoyable day, easy listening, lots of activities, team building, learning lots of new exciting things to implement in the class with our new reception children.”
"FAB original. Inspiring. Thought provoking. Fun. Liked the Colourometers. Great delivery”
About the facilitator Sandy Kennedy
After a long and successful teaching career, Sandy founded Child Whispering® in 2002.
Since then Sandy and the Child Whispering® concept have featured in national press and television and gained international recognition at educational conferences in the UK, and the USA.
Sandy works directly with children of all ages and delivers training sessions and workshops to inspire play-workers, nursery staff, childminders, teachers and parents.

£ 65 Per participant
Maximum 25

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